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Commercial Floor Cleaning

你是否在努力回答这个问题, “Where can I find a commercial floor cleaning company near me that has the expertise and commercial cleaning equipment to clean all of my industrial carpet and floors?” Here at All Clean in Gainesville FL, we’ve been keeping the floors clean for more than 30 years.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in Gainesville

Our commercial floor cleaning services in Gainesville can help keep your floors clean and looking beautiful, 即使你的建筑人流量很大.

我们经验丰富的清洁人员可以高效地清洁所有类型的地板, including ceramic, porcelain, concrete, VCT, hardwood and rubber, and we can clean your floors after business hours to ensure that your employees are able to maintain their productivity.

  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Marble Floor Cleaning
  • Ceramic and Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping, Sealing & Finishing (Waxing)
  • 混凝土清洗、密封、整理(打蜡)

Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning

  • 实惠的价格和定制的清洁时间表.
  • 所有类型的地板彻底和专业清洁.
  • 为特定类型的地板设计定制清洁解决方案.
  • Deep cleaning of tile and grout.
  • 对硬表面地板进行详细的剥离和地面打蜡


如果清洁和保养得当,硬木地板可以使用100年以上. 我们的清洁人员有清洁各种类型硬木地板的设备和经验, including engineered wood floors, parquet floors, 实木地板和丙烯酸浸渍木地板, 商业建筑中最常见的是哪一种.

Our hardwood floor care process involves first dust mopping the entire surface to remove loose dirt and debris. 如果有特别多的灰尘, dirt and debris, we may opt to use a special vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to thoroughly remove all the loose particles. 然后,我们将用湿拖把把地板上的液体和污垢清除掉.

当你的木地板需要 deep cleaning, we will use a wood-safe cleaner that is properly diluted to thoroughly scrub the surface of the floor and restore its shine. You can also count on us to completely remove any excess water and cleaning solutions so that your floor is dry and ready for your next day of business.


Marble is often selected as a flooring material in high-end luxury retail and commercial businesses as well as in luxury condos, co-ops and apartments. 为了保持美观,防止损坏, 必须遵循正确的地板清洁程序. Our local cleaning crews in Gainesville only use pH neutral cleaning solutions that have been properly diluted according to the manufacturer’s directions. 等我们把你的大理石地板拖完, we use soft cloth to completely dry the floors so that no moisture seeps into the porous material. To add an additional layer of protection, we also offer marble flooring sealants and high-quality sealers for waxes that can help protect the marble and keep your floors looking their best.


陶瓷和石材瓷砖和灌浆经常出现在有水的地方, such as kitchens, bathrooms and showering areas. 瓷砖和灌浆必须精确清洁,以清除污垢, debris, soap scum, food particles and mold and mildew from the surfaces and inside the tiny pores in the tile and grout.

Our commercial tile and grout cleaning service only involves the use commercial tile and grout cleaners that are approved for the specific surface to be cleaned as well as soft brushes and towels that are approved for use on ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles. 我们也注意保持拖把水的新鲜, 这有助于确保你的瓷砖看起来干净利落,而不是浑浊或朦胧.


Many types of hard surface floors, including wood, concrete tile, stone, 需要定期剥离封口剂并重新应用. Over time, 灰尘和污垢会嵌入蜡层, 是什么导致你的地板看起来又脏又脏. 蜡涂层和密封剂也会随着人员和设备的移动而磨损. 定期给坚硬表面的地板剥皮和打蜡有助于保持清洁, visually appealing and in good condition. 特殊的商业蜡也可以应用,以帮助创造一个防滑的表面, which is great for hospitals, restaurants, 快餐店和零售商店.

Our cleaning crews can evaluate your hard surface floors to determine which type of floor wax would best benefit your business. Then, we can create a schedule that will help keep your floors clean and beautiful while helping maintain their expected useful lives.


Commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities all benefit from the durability and longevity of concrete floors. 然而,与普遍的看法相反,商用混凝土地板并不是免维护的. Their 50 years or more of expected life can be significantly reduced if the sealants and wax coatings are not maintained. 这是因为混凝土是一种相对多孔的材料, 如果混凝土持续暴露在水和化学品泄漏中, those liquids can penetrate the surface, leading to cracks and other damage.

A local, professional floor cleaning company, like All Clean of Gainesville, 我们的清洁能让你的混凝土地板看起来很漂亮并且密封良好吗, 密封及高光混凝土地坪打蜡服务. 我们的清洁人员有清洁设备和技术知识来正确清洁, 对混凝土地板打蜡和密封,使其持续整个预期使用寿命.

Carpet Cleaning in Gainesville FL

Keeping your commercial carpets and rugs clean in Gainesville involves hiring a professional cleaning company that is familiar with all the different types of commercial carpet, including carpet squares or tiles, plush carpet, 机织地毯及印花、花型地毯.

我们专业的地毯清洁人员服务于整个盖恩斯维尔地区, and they are knowledgeable in the various techniques and carpet cleaning machinery that is needed to properly remove all the dirt and debris from the carpet fibers and to deep clean the carpets all the way to the backing.

This helps remove all the allergens and ground in particles so that your commercial carpets always look and smell clean and fresh.


商用地毯是许多不同的零售和餐饮企业的最爱. It adds a homey feel and a welcoming ambiance that is hard to achieve via any other type of flooring option. Unfortunately for the carpets, 零售企业和餐馆通常客流量很大, which can lead to dirt, debris and food particles quickly building-up on the surface and becoming ground in as people traverse the area. 这可能导致在交通繁忙的地区出现染色和黑斑.

我们的本地和经验丰富的清洁人员在所有清洁有工业吸尘器, carpet shampooers and carpet cleaning solutions that can remove even the toughest stains and ground in dirt and debris. Our thorough carpet cleaning service starts by removing the largest bits of debris using floor sweepers. Then, we use commercial vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes to reach deep within the fibers and pull out ground in dirt, pollen and food particles. 这有助于确保你的地毯干净,为第二天的工作做好准备.

When needed, we also offer carpet shampooing, 哪一种使用颜色安全的地毯清洁剂和水来有效清洁地毯. 这种技术可以去除污渍和变色, 哪一种可以增加地毯的使用寿命并保持美观.

Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Office carpets have unique cleaning needs. They often see moderate to heavy foot traffic, especially in hallways and down rows of cubicles. Paper, 马厩和其他办公室的小碎片经常会进入地毯纤维, 参加工作午餐的员工可能会把饮料和食物洒到地板上, leading to staining or sticky areas.

这些独特的办公环境需要专门的清洁方法, and here at All Clean, 我们的清洁人员擅长清除地毯上的污渍和粘稠物以及污垢, 灰尘、纸片和其他办公室碎片. We use only the highest quality commercial vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes and powerful suction to remove all the loose filth from the carpet fibers. 然后我们使用特殊的污渍清洁溶液去除污渍和粘稠的地方. Lastly, we can shampoo or steam clean your carpets at periodic intervals to help keep them looking and smelling great.

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